The business community of Cap-Pelé/Beaubassin-Est demands actions following suspected fires

GRAND-BARACHOIS, N.-B., August 31st, 2021 — The recent weeks fires have caused widespread anxiety within the business community of Cap-Pelé & Beaubassin-Est. The Chamber of Commerce calls for concrete actions to fight against suspicious fires following recent events, in particular at M&M Cormier Fisheries and Botsford Fisheries.

According to the responses to a survey sent out earlier this week, the vast majority of respondents say they are worried or distressed about the situation, which seems to have been going on for some time.

“It’s clear that our businesses are afraid. They are afraid that their business will burn down overnight. We work hard every day on our businesses to make them grow and create jobs for the people here. It has to stop, ”says the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Christine Duguay.

The safety of owners and employees is highlighted. The latest fires reported by authorities occurred in the early hours of the day, with no employees inside.

“What happens if we lose one of our members or one of our members’ employees in a fire? It would be a major tragedy. It would be devastating for our business community. Especially if we know that it can be avoided, ”adds Ms. Duguay.


According to the same survey, more than half of our survey respondents have received an increase in their insurance premium since last year. Of these, most companies in the fishing industry, manufacturing and processing plants have received an increase of more than 20% on their insurance premiums. Some companies have seen their premium increased due to the fact that the region is now considered a high risk for these sectors.

The company Able Canvas, owned by Natalie Cormier, vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, confirms for its part that its insurance costs have exploded dramatically since her business was engulfed in flames in June 2020

“To give an idea of ​​the magnitude of the situation, the insurance company advised me that we are in a high-risk area now, so we had a 400% increase on our premium. The situation is really damaging for our small and medium-sized businesses,” deplores Ms. Cormier.

The Chamber of Commerce calls for a meeting as soon as possible with the local authorities, the elected officials of Cap-Pelé and Beaubassin-Est as well as the local MLA & MP in order to find concrete solutions to reduce the fear that has arisen within the businesses in the region.

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