Shediac-Cap-Acadie Riding : the Cap-Acadie Chamber of Commerce is relieved that Fredericton will make an exception to the Act

CAP-ACADIE, NB, March 28, 2023 — The Cap-Acadie Chamber of Commerce is relieved to see the quick adoption of a bill to ensure that part of the Regional Town of Cap-Acadie is not included in the provincial electoral district of Tantramar, as proposed in the final report of the Electoral Boundaries and Representation Commission on March 13.

The business community and citizens of Shemogue, Petit-Cap, Portage and a portion of Trois-Ruisseaux will not be divided into another community of interest, following the introduction of a bill this afternoon in the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly.

The Cap-Acadie Chamber of Commerce applauds the Government of New Brunswick as well as all members of the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly for their quick action on this priority file.

“The speed with which the government has reacted on this issue is surprising. It is rare in the province’s political history for a bill to receive third reading in such a short period of time. However, the critical nature of this issue meant that it had to be introduced quickly in the Legislative Assembly to correct the problematic situation.”— Anthony Azard
Chief Executive Officer of the Cap-Acadie Chamber of Commerce.

First to respond with a letter to the Electoral Boundaries and Representation Commission last December, the Cap-Acadie Chamber of Commerce defended the interests of the business community and citizens of Shemogue, Petit-Cap, Portage and a portion of Trois-Ruisseaux who did not wish to be split into another community of interest.

The Chamber worked with a committee of citizens committed to saving this portion of Cap-Acadie in the riding of Shediac-Cap-Acadie. The mayor of the Regional Town of Cap-Acadie, Serge Léger, is proud of the citizens who got involved in the file.

“I would like to extend my warmest thanks to the citizens’ committee with its spokesperson, Jean Bourgeois, and its great team of volunteers. These volunteers were motivated, went out into the field, talked to people in the area. It took a citizen’s initiative to get the people’s movement going,” added Mr. Léger.

Jacques LeBlanc, MLA for Shediac-Beaubassin-Cap-Pelé, is proud to see so many people in his riding mobilizing for local issues.

“I am proud to see that after months of hard work, we finally have something concrete to maintain the integrity of the municipality of Cap-Acadie. It’s nice to see that we can put partisanship aside when it comes to defending the interests of the people we represent,” said Jacques LeBlanc, MLA for Shediac-Beaubassin-Cap-Pelé.

The Cap-Acadie Chamber of Commerce adds this victory to a long list of successful advocacy efforts. The Cap-Acadie Chamber of Commerce will continue to represent the interests of businesses with the various government authorities.

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