Economy, Arts, Culture at the heart of an international mission: the Cap-Acadie Chamber of Commerce visits Broussard in Louisiana

GRAND-BARACHOIS, NB., October 2nd, 2022 — Promoting and establishing economic and cultural exchanges between the future Town of Cap-Acadie and the City of Broussard, in Louisiana, here is the main purpose of an international mission that begins on October 3 in the United States of America.

From October 3 to 12, Board Chair Natalie Cormier and Chief Executive Officer Anthony Azard from the Cap-Acadie Chamber of Commerce (CCCAcadie) will travel to southern Louisiana to canvass and enhance the economy of the sister cities, a relationship ongoing since 1984. During the stay, they will be joined by representatives of Cap-Pelé throughout the entire mission. In addition, the CCCAcadie can count on the expertise of government partners to solidify exchanges.

“The strong bond that unites us between Acadian and Cajun cousins ​​is unprecedented for a rural community in southeast New Brunswick. The relationship that the Village of Cap-Pelé has developed with its sister city of Broussard has become privileged, especially since the Congrès mondial acadien in 2019. This complicity allows us to reflect on possible avenues for exchanges, in terms of economic, entrepreneurial and cultural sectors,”— Anthony Azard, Chief Executive Officer of the Cap-Acadie Chamber of Commerce.

The CCCAcadie will lead a series of meetings with various representatives of the Broussard Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Corporation and the City.

The topics covered will be:

  • Exploring the accessibility and export of goods and products between Broussard and the future Town of Cap-Acadie.
  • Cultural handover and Cajun/Acadian pride in the activities of the Cap-Acadie Chamber of Commerce and the Broussard Chamber of Commerce.
  • The development of a cooperation agreement aimed at strengthening the promotion of trade and investment, as well as economic and cultural cooperation between Louisiana and New Brunswick.

“Our work is complex: we would love to find a way to collaborate when nearly 3,500 km separate our two municipalities. However, we know that New Brunswick and the Village of Cap-Pelé have long-standing relationships with our friends in Louisiana, which will ease up the process.”— Natalie Cormier, Chair of the Cap-Acadie Chamber of Commerce.

The international mission coincides with the Great Acadian Awakening. The Cap-Acadie Chamber of Commerce‘s mission will take place from October 3 to 12 in the State of Louisiana in the United States.

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