Postmedia Solutions

The Postmedia Network includes 120+ print and digital brands and is visited by over 19 million Canadians each month. Postmedia is national in scope, but community focused. Postmedia’s portfolio of print and digital marketing solutions provides an unparalleled platform of trusted, brand-safe advertising opportunities, and generates proprietary first-party data that enables better informed campaigns on […]

Radio Beauséjour (Moniteur Acadien, CJSE & PLUS 90.7)

An all-inclusive advertising package to reach Francophones, an exclusive benefit for members of the Cap-Acadie Chamber of Commerce CJSE, Le Moniteur Acadien and PLUS 90.7 guarantee an all-inclusive package for only $999! Receive 25x 30-second AA ads at CJSE, 25x 30-second AAA ads at PLUS 90.7, 20x A ads on evenings and weekends as well as a 1/2 page […]

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